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Christmas Trip

Sunset at Moombaki, Christmas Eve. The Lego® Alien Abduction was a real hit with Finn. He reckons they perform laser eye surgery on the farmer, along with the usual unspeakable experiments: Driving home along the Albany Highway, we encountered the very pink, very desolate Tunney Roadhouse: a great cover for an Alien Invasion control centre, […]

Early morning clouds and skies

Morning Skies

In the movie Yes Man, Zooey Deschanel holds a jogging and photography course – I have my own solo version I call ‘Jogography’, where I sometimes grab a snap of the early-morning sky. I also stop to pat a few cats.

Tbird cruise to Bakers Hill

Bakers Hill Pie Run

Sometimes I’m not sure how I get talked into these things… a Cranksters early Sunday cruise up Greenmount Hill to a small roadside shop selling pies? Well it did provide a photo opportunity, and the chance to blow the cobwebs out of the Tbird. I vetoed taking the roof off the car – it was […]

B&M felt store Fremantle

B&M for felt fetishists

We maximised the beautiful winter sunshine today to take a drive to Fremantle. I also had a secret agenda: to visit the B&M felt store. Felt is great, even better when it’s German, vibrantly-coloured and made into useful stuff like iPad sleeves! The B&M shop has a selection of other cool bits, and you can […]

Boulevard Hotel

Our new local

It’s been a thirsty wait but the new Floreat Hotel – sorry, the Boulevard – has finally re-opened! So comforting to know we have Becks on tap within strolling/rolling distance of home. Nice job on the revamp fellas.

Melbourne sights, Blackman Hotel

Melbourne Whirlwind Weekend

Yep, we know how to do fly-in, fly-out. Last weekend, we descended on Melbourne, partly for the Victorian Hot Rod Show (which Paul has covered – very well covered – here), but any visit to Melbourne is also a chance for design inspiration, shopping destinations and savings elimination. And a chance Power Rangers sighting. We […]