New Stationery DeRay&Simcoe

DeRay & Simcoe Identity printing at Pilpel

I love a trip to the printers to check on a job. Not just because it’s a chance to escape from the desk – it’s gratifying to see the end-product after the design gestation period.

Here’s one of the platen presses at Pilpel working some magic, embossing the new stationery for my clients DeRay & Simcoe. I’ve worked with these talented photographers for years, first developing their brand some years ago, and now on their tweaked, refreshed brand. Do check out their website, especially if you are in the planning stages of one of life’s big events (wedding, engagement, impending birth, family reunion, kid’s first steps) – they would love to chat with you.

Can I give Pilpel a plug too? Geoff and the fellows down there are dedicated to their printing craft. Now they have a brand new digital press on the floor so you can go old-school or digital-age.

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