Moombaki, Country Style

Moombaki Wines Country Style spring 2011Hey! my sister is in Country Style magazine!

It’s such a buzz to open a magazine and see your nearest and dearest featured in an article. The new Country Style spring edition features a story on Melissa, Dave & the boys and their country life making wonderful Moombaki wines and doing sustainable, responsible stuff on the land, all to the twittering of birdsong and the digging of dirt. (OK friends, you know Mel and I are somewhat different – soil never sullies my hands!)

And if you’re in the mood for some Spring drinking, the Moombaki shop has thoughtfully reorganised things so you can now make up your own mixed case.

This Country Style edition has some lovely photography and great stories to inspire your bucolic inclincations.
Something about the flowers on the cover appealed to Trixie:

Trixie loves Country Style


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