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Samadara Elixir

  I’ve had the pleasure of working on the Samadara branding and packaging since Sodashi launched the beautiful Face and Eye Crème a couple of years ago. The new Elixir is a luxury anti-ageing treatment and we evolved the elegant tall package to securely house the pump-bottle pack. The treatment is divine, and like all Sodashi products, completely chemical-free and natural. The […]

New Packaging Design

A sneak preview of a project which has been in production all year! I was delighted to work together with my friends at Public Creative, to design the brand and package for this ultra-premium skincare product. And it’s totally chemical-free and natural, hand-made by Fremantle company, Sodashi. More soon, with proper pics.

Moombaki on the Web!

Everyone who knows me has been plied with Moombaki Wines at some time! And that’s because Moombaki is run by my fabulous sister Melissa and bro-in-law David – and they make award-winning, amazing wine. It’s been a while marinating, but the website is now live. You can purchase online now – and who doesn’t need more alcohol […]