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Samadara Elixir

  I’ve had the pleasure of working on the Samadara branding and packaging since Sodashi launched the beautiful Face and Eye Crème a couple of years ago. The new Elixir is a luxury anti-ageing treatment and we evolved the elegant tall package to securely house the pump-bottle pack. The treatment is divine, and like all Sodashi products, completely chemical-free and natural. The […]

Bassendean Hotel revamped interior

Bassendean Hotel

In July, that most charismatic of clients, Stefano from The Kiosk, rang to say he’d “bought a pub” (is this every designer’s dream job?), and he’d be opening in early September. So, on a fairly tight budget and even tighter timeframe, we launched into the task of re-invigorating this 1930s suburban pub. We evolved a Brand […]

Josh Agle aka SHAG in Floreat Perth

Shag in Perth

Hey, Shag was in our house! So Shag – aka Josh Agle – is back in Australia, jetsetting into Perth’s Outré Gallery for his exhibition opening last Friday night. We caught up with Josh & Martin on Sunday  for a beachside breakfast at The Kiosk – with champagne, naturellement – followed by a tour of the modernist enclave of Floreat […]

Guy Grey Smith book

Guy Grey Smith book

Yippitee! I won the Rob Frith giveaway of the limited edition biography of Guy Grey Smith by Andrew Gaynor, photos by Rob Frith, Acorn Photography . I happened to know the answer to an obscure question about Rob & Andrew’s short-lived foray into the mad world of Rock & Roll  Country & Western, as Tragic. (Apparently the band inspired […]

Tracy Graffin CIT critique

Central Briefs

Hello CIT operatives! (I hope it’s OK that I swiped your photo from yesterday’s debriefing?) Yesterday I offered considered opinions & a few ill-considered puns to the students of Room 259 in the CIT Bunker. Thanks for your attention & your warm welcome via the Area57 Newsletter! Looking forward to seeing the results of your hard […]

Leafy images from winter scenes

Winter Solstice

Oh great, today is the shortest day of the year. That means a long, slow climb back to summer. I’ll try using that as inspiration at 6.00am when it’s black outside!