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Bassendean Hotel revamped interior

Bassendean Hotel

In July, that most charismatic of clients, Stefano from The Kiosk, rang to say he’d “bought a pub” (is this every designer’s dream job?), and he’d be opening in early September. So, on a fairly tight budget and even tighter timeframe, we launched into the task of re-invigorating this 1930s suburban pub. We evolved a Brand […]

Rice Stationery

The stationery suite for John Rice comprises a die-cut business card, comps slip & brochure, plus an A6 booklet with beautiful images and accompanying text about falling in love & all that fuzzy stuff. The booklets were edge-sewn for a handmade touch. All printed painstakingly by the fellows at Pilpel Print using letterpress & digital […]

DeRay & Simcoe

And here are the final embossed DeRay & Simcoe cards. A very fine print/emboss job by the Pilpel blokes. We printed these one PMS – each girl’s card alternates the grey & white scheme, for a personalised look. note: I do believe the girls use equipment a little more updated than my Brownie 127 camera.

New Packaging Design

A sneak preview of a project which has been in production all year! I was delighted to work together with my friends at Public Creative, to design the brand and package for this ultra-premium skincare product. And it’s totally chemical-free and natural, hand-made by Fremantle company, Sodashi. More soon, with proper pics.

Eternity photography website

Eternity Photography launch

John Rice is one tall, talented photographer. He brings an artistic eye to his work, and his energy and passion are evident through his interesting take on brides, babies, anklebiters and life. Today his new photography website launched, the product of a fast gestation and a speedy OM4 build. It’s fresh and unaffected, like John […]

OM4 – What goes round…

Glenn Nicholas at OM4 has created a web platform that caters to just about every small business need. And you don’t have to be a tech geek to run it yourself (I’m testament to that!). The guys have just moved into new premises and even chose tiles to match the OM4 orange. This simple, vibrant […]

cat on silkyard linen

Silkyard Bedlinen

New branding for beautiful bed linen made from 100% pure mulberry silk, hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly and loved by all (including Helen’s cat) for its beautiful qualities.. The spiral of threaded leaves reflect the brand’s handmade qualities and eco-friendly ethos. Printed on a lovely 100% recycled stock in two PMS + emboss, on 100% recycled stock. […]

Canine Control

Jennie Oliver – Dog Listener If your hound dog is hassling you, it may be time to talk to someone who listens! Jen Oliver is a specialist in canine communication. This identity sneakily merges a pair of dogs with a pair of ears (look closely at the dog’s inside shape), and there’s a collage of […]